Barnstead New Hampshire Septic Inspection

Barnstead New Hampshire Septic Inspection

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The following pictures are from a Barnstead New Hampshire septic inspection. This system was installed in 1962 and still had the 250 gallon steel  drum for a treatment tank in service. Part of my septic inspection includes a record search of the town and NH DES. I located a building permit at the town hall that indicated the drywell for this system was replaced in 1985. Although the system was functioning as intended the steel drum was deteriorated. Upgrade of this seasonal system will be difficult due to lot size and set backs.

This is a good example of a dangerous condition. This old steel drum, which is deteriorated, was located just 4 inches below grade and only 7 feet from the home. Collapse of this cover and personal injury is a very real possibility. The tank was approximately 4 feet in diameter and 6 feet deep.

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