Your Septic System And Your Responsibility

Your Septic System And Your Responsibility

By In Uncategorized On July 6, 2017

Nowadays, not enough people realize that they are responsible for their own septic system. By maintaining the septic system, you will be protecting your asset and investment because they come as one. On a regular basis, you will need to have your system inspected and pumped. As long as you maintain it and the original installation was done correctly, there is no reason why it can’t last for years to come. However, poor maintenance can lead to costly repairs or even a full replacement which can cost thousands of dollars. When a system stops working properly, the groundwater can contaminate which means that you and neighbors could end up drinking contaminated water. When your house is sold, the septic system needs to be in a working condition.

Pump – Every three years, you should have your system inspected by a professional who will check for damage or potential problems. Then, you should also look to have the tank pumped every three to five years.

Water Efficiency – In the average family home, around 70 gallons of water is consumed in a typical day; when a tap drips, this can cost 2,000 gallons per year alone. Furthermore, 200 gallons a day can be lost from leaking toilets so repairs are important if you want to remain efficient with water. Once you start to conserve your water usage, less water will enter the septic system thus reducing the pressure.

Flushing – For some reason, many people have taken to flushing household items down the toilet but this is likely to cause damaging or blocking. Therefore, the following should always be disposed of properly; cigarette butts, diapers, condoms, dental floss, feminine hygiene products, cat litter, cotton swabs, coffee grounds, and kitchen paper towels. Additionally, household chemicals can be just as dangerous as this can ruin the treatment process; this includes anti-freeze, pesticides, gasoline, oil, and paint.

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