Health Tips for Your Septic System

Health Tips for Your Septic System

By In Uncategorized On September 20, 2017

In order to keep your system in good condition, we have some essential tips for maintenance.

  • If you have any hazardous waste, do not throw them down the toilet or in sinks.

  • After locating your septic tank as well as the drainfield, have records that hold drawings of their locations.

  • Around every three years, have your septic tank pumped.

  • At the same interval, have us come by and take a look at the system and assess it for damage or potential problems.

  • Be as efficient as possible with your water.

  • Keep your system free from household items such as feminine hygiene products, dental floss, diapers, condoms, and cat litter.

  • Ensure that sump pumps and gutters do not feed into the septic tank. If possible, keep these two as far away as possible.

  • Although it might seem like a good idea to plant a little tree next to the system’s location, this little tree soon becomes a big tree and the roots will cause damage. Furthermore, the drainfield should not be subjected to fertilizers or manure.

  • Before using any additives, contact your local health department. Sometimes, people will use additives and see this as a replacement for pumping but this process is still needed.

  • Once you know the location of your system, ensure that no livestock or vehicles are kept nearby. When weight is applied to the area, pipes can be damaged as well as the tank itself. Also, the pressure may prevent efficient drainage.

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