Nitrates in Your Drinking Water – What This Means for your Septic System

Nitrates in Your Drinking Water – What This Means for your Septic System

By In Uncategorized On December 21, 2017

If you are buying a home with a well, then very likely (and hopefully) you are getting a water purity test. A common water test for many home owners to get is the FHA Short Form. This particular test covers bacteria, lead, nitrites, and nitrates (nitrites and nitrates are related, but different).

If many times people look for the bacterial level in the water sample to determine if there is a septic system leak. What people often ignore though are the nitrates.

Nitrites are found in food, fertilizers, and many products. Nitrites have many ill health effects, particularly in children. Among other things, it inhibits oxygen deliver in the blood, and can cause other issues.  So what does this have to do with your septic system?

Well, nitrites develop over time from a chemical and bacterial reaction. So if you septic tank or other part of your system is leaking or otherwise contaminating your water source, it is more likely to come up as nitrites in your water and not bacteria.

So if you have a nitrite problem in your drinking water, be sure to check your septic system as one of the possible causes. Of course, we are ready and able to assist you with this – simply contact us and we will be happy to help.

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